Leslee Allen, Principal, Kaurihohore School:  We love using Wai Ako, we started this year with the junior school, but the seniors have seen what a difference it has made to our classes, so we will subscribe for the whole school in 2019. The songs are so clear, simple and relate brilliantly to building knowledge and daily use of Te Reo. The lessons are very easy to follow and link so well to the curriculum objectives. Wai Ako has worked wonders for teacher confidence across the school and we totally recommend it to others!

Gary O'Brien, Principal, Torbay School: We are working hard to develop our programmes and culture around teaching te Reo and Wai Ako breaks down some of the barriers our teachers face, it is a superb innovation in the area of teaching te Reo.  (See media stories about Torbay School using Wai Ako for a student led learning pilot on Māori TelevisionSchool News and Radio Waatea)

Dennie Davidson, Specialist Teacher: Music/Maori, Sherwood School:  I asked the teachers at Sherwood School for some words to describe how they are finding Wai Ako to use. Some of their responses are below:

“I think Waiako.com is brilliant. This programme has really helped my pronunciation and I feel much more confident helping the students read Māori words e.g. when we come across them in school journals. It is helpful to be able to revisit previous lessons if I feel I need extra support. Dennie also does a fantastic job with the students every Friday- they love the songs and she always makes it fun.”

“I really like the repetitive phrases as well as the teacher notes with the translations. Another thing I like is that there is not a fixed time limit as such. We move on as fast as we can, but if we need to repeat a lesson, we can do it. I have learnt so much this year.”

“The children are far more engaged learning Te Reo in this way than the teacher trying to teach the language. They get the correct pronunciation and enjoy the format. Definitely a far easier way to teach Te Reo.”

“I think Waiako has been fantastic to use in our classrooms. Always great to get more singing happening in class and it has provided a fun and easy way for the kids and teachers to extend their Te Reo.”

“Waiako has been brilliant, super easy to use and engaging with the students. I've found that my use and knowledge of te reo has improved greatly with this programme, as well as the children's.”