How to use Wai Ako

The Wai Ako programme empowers teachers to learn with their students. 

NZ History and Treaty of Waitangi

Press play and go lessons make it simple for primary school teachers.  The videos give children key information, and prompt a fun follow up activity.

Te Reo Māori

Wai Ako or Learning Songs started with Te Reo Māori.  Press play and go lessons based around catchy waiata mean teachers can learn with their class.  The lessons follow a progression developed from the reo Māori curriculum and allow for plenty of repetition, and for transitioning language learning into real opportunities to speak te Reo.

Subscribe today

Wai Ako is now available to teachers to subscribe online here! Or why not see if your school will consider rolling the Wai Ako programme out across the school? Email for more details of school subscriptions.