How to use Wai Ako

The Wai Ako programme empowers teachers to learn with their students and transition that learning into real opportunities to speak te Reo.

The programme has two parts: Ako! Learn and Kōrero! Speak.

Ako! Learn

Wai Ako or Learning Songs are simple, repetitive and catchy, and step through te reo Māori curriculum.

The programme includes lots of lesson ideas based on each waiata. A singalong video of the song allows classes to start every lesson with the correct pronunciation and language structure.

The programme is designed to be moved through slowly, spending a few weeks on each song, mixing lessons and simply singing the song again to quickly refresh pronunciation and structure.

Kōrero! Speak

The ultimate goal is for the new phrases to be spoken outside of lessons as part of daily school life.

Wai Ako includes one practical suggestion for each song to incorporate the language learned into daily class routines right away.

It also includes resources and prompts for teacher and children to reflect on and extend their learning and keep records of their efforts, and prompts for the wider school and community to consider how they can support what is being learned in the classroom.

Subscribe today

Wai Ako is now available to teachers to subscribe online here! Or why not see if your school will consider rolling the Wai Ako programme out across the school? Email for more details of school subscriptions.